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The Return 

A modern retelling of an old Tupinamba myth, "The Return" is the story of an indigenous Tupinamba princess who is reincarnated 3000 years in the future to restore the forces of nature and save the world from destruction.  Below is a short 6:57 minute excerpt from the film.


Set on the small island fishing village of Aracatiba on Ilha Grande, "The Return" is a docu/fiction film which blurs histories, myths of Ilha Grande with imagined projections of its future.  Working with the local community, a cast of non-actors, and drawing on indigenous mythology and contemporary political and ecological concerns, the film was a collaborative process.      


The film also sparked several auxiliary projects including a social media based "living" memory project which can also be seen below the video excerpt on the bottom of this page.  This film and resulting memory project was created with the support of the Princess Grace Foundation. 

Written and directed by David Romberg 

Production - Vilma Neres

Cinematography- Gaston Girod 


Araçatiba Memória Social was created to provide an online space for members of the community of Araçatiba to share the memories and stories of  past and create a living archive for future generations. 

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